Monday, April 28, 2008

interesting article: How to Run a Meeting Like Google

Meetings get a bad wrap. Regardless the size of your organization meetings are viewed by most as a time suck and preventing the person attending from actually doing their job.

I came across this article which I found interesting. The article is a few years old actually but still relevant.

I love the Dilbert reference
The Dilbert cartoon in which several people sat around a table while the meeting organizer said, "There is no specific agenda for this meeting. As usual, we'll just make unrelated emotional statements about things which bother us…"

1. Set a firm agenda.
2. Assign a note-taker.
3. Carve out micro-meetings.
4. Hold office hours.
5. Discourage politics, use data.
6. Stick to the clock.

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skatdawg said...

meeting adds:

1) don't hold a meeting unless the 'decider(s)' are present
2) don't go to a meeting unless you receive an agenda
3) be aware that a great many people that attend meetings do so cuz they don't do anything else but talk about the stuff you're actually creating
4) meetings are the invention of the extrovert; most of the time it's just to visit and fill time before the workday is over
5) assign your boss to attend the meeting for you, and report back on what you missed. it won't be long before your boss says you don't have to go to ANY meetings.