Friday, November 9, 2007

aaaa little bit of help here...

I am so disgusted with our current state of democracy. We hire politicians to make decisions to help us and mankind (at least it used to work that way). Since late 2001 the political system has been broken (some would question if it had ever worked). We have two parties that will not speak to one another, unless you count the screaming done on the various *news* channels.

Talk about being stuck in a rut, this is ridiculous. I want a leader that can unite the parties, get people talking, compromising, making decisions so that there is a planet left for my children to enjoy.

I do not see the above as an unreasonable request. Is it?

I hope everyone does learn about the candidates in our upcoming election. If you choose to wait to the last minute and have a computer make your decision, based on your beliefs, it will align you with the candidate that shares your values and outlook. The site is called The Candidate Calculator. Do me a favor though... please do your own research beyond "the calculator". If nothing at all the calculator points you in the right direction.

Now go vote for Obama. Why? at this point I feel that he is a person that has not been jaded by the political system (yet). This could do the most good. Some people laughed when Californians elected the "Govenator", but if you look at the results he has actually had an impact, blurring the lines between right wing and left wing agendas. If he were eligible to run for president I would consider him also.

For the record I would say I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal (though my father says you cannot be both). The hell with it, WHY NOT?!

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